Hello Friends,

You may be visiting my website to decide who to vote for in this race to represent you in the House of Representatives, Congressional District 1.

Please review my credentials, my background, and my views on government to acquaint your self with my campaign. If you are tired of Representatives who think themselves to be all knowing, if you don’t want a dictator or guardian who “knows what is best for you;” if you are tired of screaming at the television set wondering what happened to common sense; if you ask yourself why you let a rubber stamp be voted in to speak for you; look no further for the Representative who just wants to be your voice. Will I get it right for everyone? Well, that is a very tall order.

but at least you will know I considered all options before I voted. That comes with being a non-partisan judge for 25 years.

I have honed the skill of research and will apply it to the bills on which I author, sponsor, co-sponsor or vote. I have the Assembly back-ground for writing bills that result in statutes. I have the care and concern for the public as a whole to weigh the facts and make the best decision on each bill presented. I have the mediation skills to engage opposing sides with logic and patience to come to a agreeable resolution. I have the work ethics taught me by my parents.

The following information will encompass my past work so you may weigh my dedication to every job where I am hired or elected to office. I will explain where I stand personally on every issue discussed. More importantly, I will vote for the community I represent. I will be your voice.

  • Academic Background
  • Valdosta State College – BFA
  • California Western School of Law – Juris Doctorate
  • Career History
  • Supreme Court Commissioned Senior Judge, 2019-2022
  • District Court Judge - Family Division, 1997-2019
  • Presiding over: Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Abuse/Neglect Docket, Guardianship Docket, Domestic Docket (Divorce, Custody, Adoptions, etc.)
  • Chief of Staff for Lt. Governor Lonnie Hammargren, 1996
  • Assemblywoman, Nevada State Legislature, 68th Session, 1995
  • Pro Per Support Services, Providing low-cost legal services, Owner, 1993-1995
  • Professional Positions
  • Presiding Judge, Family Division
  • President, Eighth Judicial District Court Foundation
  • State Judicial Council, member
  • District Court Legislative Representative
  • National Teen Pregnancy and Prevention Commission, member
  • Supreme Court Blue Ribbon Guardianship Commission, member